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Rebuilding the NSPCC's legacy fundraising

The NSPCC has a loyal and committed supporter base – but in recent years, that support hasn’t translated into gifts in Wills. Why?

With ambitious targets for legacy income growth, the NSPCC needed answers. And they asked us to help them find them.

Since spring 2022, we’ve been helping them rebuild their gifts in Wills programme from the ground up. We’ve developed a new proposition and acquisition campaign (including TV, radio, print and digital). And we’ve set the foundations for a new marketing strategy that will reshape the charity’s approach to legacy fundraising in the years to come.

what we did
  • Strategy
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Press
  • Direct mail
  • Paid digital
  • Web

Insight revealed supporters felt a strong emotional connection to the NSPCC cause, but that they also felt incredibly anxious about childhood today. Children are facing an uncertain and ever-more complex future, with mounting threats, online and off.

As an organisation that’s kept adapting to fight for children for over 130 years, the NSPCC is uniquely placed to offer reassurance that they’ll always be there to keep children safe.

But to connect with this audience, we needed to show exactly what was at stake.

  • 170% more leads than target
  • -63% CPA nearly two thirds less than target
  • 65% more page sessions than in 2022

We created The Most Powerful Gift: a proposition to capture the joys of a safe and happy childhood – and invite supporters to share that gift by remembering the NSPCC in their Will.

The proposition informed a new TV advert that paints an authentic portrait of childhood today. It’s packed with the emotional punch that drives consideration. And because we know how important a direct ask is, we’re upfront about how supporters can help.

This is just the start. We’ve also been meticulously planning a revitalised journey, taking supporters from enquiry to pledge – inspiring the most powerful gift there is.

Caroline Appleton, Head of Individual Supporters

“We worked with Consider to deliver a new legacy proposition and campaign, embedded in insight, which has transformed the NSPCC’s legacy fundraising. Partnering with them has been a pleasure.”


  • Retention target beaten
  • 44 52 % Email open rate
  • 12 16 % Click-through rate
National Trust for Scotland

Regular Giving Product

  • 75 % Retention rate
  • £ 25 k above target in year 1
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