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CIPD Member retention campaign

Reversing declining member retention

The CIPD is the world’s leading membership organisation for people professionals. They set the standards for the profession – and to their nearly 160,000 members, they offer something truly unique.

Recognition, a network of like-minded professionals, a wealth of industry knowledge – and career-long support. It’s all there.

But the pandemic had eaten into member retention. With a cost of living crisis looming, their annual retention campaign couldn’t afford to miss the mark.

what we did
  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative proposition
  • Digital and print advertising
  • Email campaign
  • Direct mail
  • Playbook

A traditional, transactional approach to membership wasn’t going to cut it. That’s why we recommend a phased approach – focusing first on showing the value of membership, then driving action with increasing urgency as renewal deadlines loomed.

In the past, members had felt overwhelmed by messages. So we recommended a simplified campaign strategy, focusing on landing key messages consistently, alongside clear calls to action.

Then, through a series of workshops with the CIPD’s expert teams, we interrogated member attitudes and got to the heart of the offering: CIPD membership isn’t about benefits, it’s about partnership.

  • +1.64 % year-on-year increase in retention rate
  • 7.3 % Increase in email renewals
  • 92 % Recall on creative and messaging

We’re With You, the campaign’s first phase, launched in March 2022, establishing salience with clear, positive messages across a range of channels.

By the time the second campaign phase, Make Your Mark, had landed, members were primed to renew – and they did in droves, bucking a trend of falling renewals that had started in 2018.

Emails performed particularly strongly, with the simplified journey driving a record response. And global audiences – including in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia – responded especially positively.

The future of the people profession is in safe hands.


  • Retention target beaten
  • 44 52 % Email open rate
  • 12 16 % Click-through rate
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